Historical Archive

The Ranmoor archive

The Ranmoor Society has for several years brought together material about the area’s history, and has now created a substantial Archive of material.  This contains maps from the 1700s onwards, details of road developments, houses and other buildings, street directories, newspaper cuttings, photographs, and information about many local people.

If you have questions about the area’s history and would like information from the Archive, please contact Peter Warr through the Society’s email address contacts@ranmoorsociety.org.

We particularly need to see more documents about land sales, house deeds and so on.  These often contain material about several individuals and buildings, and by putting together facts from different documents we are able to form a more complete understanding.

If you have access to such a document, could you please let us extract or copy key information for insertion in the Archive?  Users nowadays and in the future would benefit from your contribution, which would be handled with great care and of course returned to you.  We can usually provide an interpretative report linking your material to the wider picture.

If you are able to let us see such a document, please contact Gerald Eveleigh as indicated above.   

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